Budh Ram Gurung

Software Engineer @ Red Hat & Open Source Enthusiast

About me

My name is Budh Ram Gurung and known as @budhrg in most social sites. I am a simple guy and always strive to learn new things.
Currently, I am working in Red Hat India, Bangalore and my day to day job involves development of containers based tools which help developers in rapidly building containers based applications.
My career started as QA Automation Engineer and then moved to development following my heart for creating things along with quality. I started my development career in Web domain creating amazing websites on Ruby on Rails mostly in e-Learning domains. Then, I move to Docker based open-source PaaS Atlantis which proved to be turning point in my career.
I care about the Open source and contributes to open source projects whenever I get time. Ruby is my primary language and currently exploring Go language.
I come from the rich cultures of two Asian countries, Nepal and India. I was raised in an Indian Army family. In sports, I enjoys cricket, football, badminton and loves sketching, cooking, singing in my free time.
I completed my masters degree on Computer Application (MCA) from the Pune University.